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Welcome to BlackStar Ranch and Kennel
We are excited to tell you about our St. Croix hair sheep, our New Zealand Kiko goats, and our purposefully bred, healthy and happy dogs.   
We are a small Ranch in the green, rolling hills of East Texas.  Enjoy this slideshow then click one of the links above to get to know our critters.

Our Dogs

Toy Manchester Terriers

The English Toy Terrier or English Black and Tan Terrier is known in this country as the Manchester Terrier, and comes in either the toy or standard variety.  While they retain their native varmint hunting instinct, they make wonderful household pets.  Toy Manchesters are known for their loyalty and affection. While their small size and clean nature are ideal, their popularity has not caught on in this country and they remain one of the best kept secrets in the dog world.  Click to see our Toy Manchester Terriers.

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
The smallest of the Portuguese rabbit hunters, they are often called PPP or P3 for short.  But whatever you call them, these little hounds are known for their cheerful, happy-all-the- time personalities.  Whether wirehaired or smooth coated they always seem to have a smile on their faces and never have a bad day.  To see ours click PPP.
Toy Fox Terriers
Developed in America to be the little white circus dogs who could do amazing tricks, Toy Fox Terriers are fun, fun, fun.  They are quick learners and love pleasing their person by performing what they have learned.  Weighing around eight pounds, they are the quintessential lap dog and ideal cuddlers.  To see ours, click Toy Fox Terrier.

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Our Sheep

St. Croix Sheep





St. Croix are a hair sheep, raised for tender, mild flavored meat.  People who normally don't care for lamb can't believe that is what they are eating when they taste St. Croix.  People who love lamb, rave that St. Croix is among the best they have ever eaten.  It is a very lean meat with a flavor similar to that of whitetail with no mutton taste.  


Originally imported from the island, St. Croix are easy keepers because of natural resistance to parasites.  The ewes are good mothers, birthing twins or triplets up to twice a year.  Our breeding stock is registered with the St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association.  We offer registered breeding stock to start or add to your herd or we offer lambs for slaughter picked up at our ranch or delivered to the packing plant of your choice.


For more information about the ease of raising St. Croix sheep checkout this link to the St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association.  

Contact us to learn more about any of our animals or what we may have available.  

Tonda Curry


Terry Fehrman


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